AI in Finance

Exploring Innovations in Machine Learning and Automation
for Financial Services Firms

Strategic Workshop

9th November 2016




Who You Will Meet:
Network with decision-makers from leading:
•   Banks
•   Insurance Companies
•   Investment Managers
•   Capital Markets Firms
•   Alternative Lenders
•   Payment Networks

With the following job titles:
•   Head of Innovation
•   Chief Digital Officer
•   Head of Digital Strategy
•   CTO
•   Head of Business Architecture
•   Data Scientist
•   Head of Sales
•   Head of Customer Solutions
•   Head of Digital Marketing

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8:30am      Registration

9:00am      Ice-Breaker
Rachel Kent, Partner, Hogan Lovells International LLP

John Salomon, Partner, Hogan Lovells International LLP

9:10am      Industry Thought-Piece – Discussing the Parameters of AI
•  Review of recent milestones – what has been achieved with AI and machine learning, and how AI is being applied around the globe
•  Overcoming the challenges of integrating AI into financial services firm
•  What progress is expected in the coming years
Clara Durodie, CEO & Founder, Cognitive Finance

9:20am     Industry Thought-Piece - Getting Started with AI
•  Practical tips for navigating the AI landscape
•  Selecting a use case
•  How you can start experimenting with AI technologies
Devika Thapar, Financial Services Lead, IBM Watson

9:40am     Facilitated Discussion – AI to Improve Regulatory Compliance, Governance & Auditing
•  How AI identifies and prevents risks, above and beyond traditional methods
•  Techniques and analytics that protect customers and firms from cyber-attacks and fraud
•  Using AI to quickly and efficiently provide evidence for auditing requests
Natalino Busa, Head of Applied Data ScienceTeradata

10:40am    Networking Break

11.10am     Case Study - Innovation & Experimentation at Standard Life
•  Analysing AI trends in other industries
•  Building an AI-based chatbot in 10 days, and launching to a pilot group of UK customers – feedback and lessons learned
•  How a digital virtual assistant augments the customer user experience
•  Expected impact of the chatbot on customer customer retention
Hamish Leiper, Head of Missions, Apollo, Standard Life

11:30am     Case Study - Intelligently Processing & Interpreting Data
This talk will draw from a real-life project to build machines that give fund managers a better view of the markets and of social media activity, and enable them to translate this information into better investment decisions.
Clara Durodie, CEO & Founder, Cognitive Finance

11.50am      Facilitated Discussion – Robotics for Manual Process Automation
•  Identifying where the human touch is needed, and where humans could be replaced by automation
•  Quantifying the cost-savings associated with robotic process automation (RPA), improvements in service quality and accuracy, and impact on flexibility and scalability
•  RPA as an alternative to standardising business processes and facilitating integration among disparate systems
Pete Sayburn, CEO, Market Gravity

12.50pm         Networking Lunch

1.50pm         Facilitated Discussion - Extracting Patterns from Customer Data, to Improve your User Interface & Customer Service
•  Evolution of human-machine interaction - adding an AI component to simplify the customer journey compared to current UI systems
•  Supporting the customer in their decisions by providing personalised choices and advice
•  Gaining faster actionable insights, to provide new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
Vincent Wiencek, Director, Chappuis Halder
Devika Thapar,
Financial Services Lead, IBM Watson

2.50pm      Networking Break

3.20pm      AI to Track the Behaviour of Companies, Markets & Products
This session will explore new ways of using statistical inference algorithms, to predict how companies, markets and products within the finance sector will behave. The talk will draw on innovative work that has not previously been presented in the public domain.
Jay van Zyl, Co-Founder, ecosystem.AI

3.40pm      Machine Learning to the Rescue of Mathematical Intractability in Portfolio Selection
•  Uncovering problems of mathematical intractability associated with stochastic portfolio theory for analysing the performance of equity portfolios relative to benchmark indices
•  How a machine learning approach can overcome this intractability
•  Empirical evidence supporting the success of a machine learning approach to portfolio selection
Yves-Laurent Kom Samo, Engineering, Machine Learning Research Group, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance

4.00pm      Applying Machine Learning to Systematic Strategies
•  Identifying the shortfalls of current rule-based systematic strategies
•  Using machine learning algorithms to overcome some of these shortfalls
•  Understanding the complexity of automating the breadth of a human trader's cognitive process into a trading strategy
Guillaume Vidal, CEO, Walnut Algorithms

4.20pm      Case Study from the Insurance & Legal Sectors - Using Anonymised Data to Identify Threats
•  How basic data can be used to intricately understand human behaviour (this is not NSA or Google tech anymore)
•  The potential of AI to bring the next revolution in operational visibility
•  Understanding productivity patterns
•  Identifying cyber and human risks (insider threats)
•  Categorising communication patterns for key clients
•  Enabling a global compliance and regulatory coverage
Ankur Modi, CEO, StatusToday

4.40pm       Feedback & Summary & Close of Day